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Taste of Taiwan
04/9/15 ♥ Main Mall

Taiwan culture and Taiwan taste are here all in one night!

Tap House Fundraiser
02/25/15 ♥ Tap House

Delicious tapioca and spicy fried chicken available around the corner. Yum!

Pet Shelter Volunter
02/28/15 ♥ 9AM-12PM

Walk dogs from the Animal Shelter with TASA and take a break from school.

02/28/15 ♥ Afternoon

Ever needed shooting practice? Now's the chance to get your adrenaline pumping!


GM 3

Have you ever wanted your own Paper Lantern? Come design your own and light up your room!

GM 4

Still under the cloud!


Michelle Kao President

Send all general questions and fan-mail here
Email: tasa.president@gmail.com

William Chou VP-Internal

Direct all Junior Officer program and event questions here
Email: tasa.internal@gmail.com

Chris Liu VP-External

Delegate all cross-club inquires here
Email: tasa.external@gmail.com



Want to get involved and connect with college students from across the country? Get started and build your own Taiwanese American community. Contact Yen Ting or Tiffany Lin for more information.


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